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Artist Statement

There is nothing more challenging as a painter of nature than to capture her moods, her forms and colors, and to translate what I see and feel into a painting. I relish the ever changing real thing.

I try to capture nature’s ways. Her beauty, power, mysteries, and all the nuances there in. Painting the landscape connects me to the vitality of nature and enriches my soul. It is my way of preserving the places that called to me to be painted as I see them.

My aim is to bring to the viewer the special places that have touched my heart. My task is to portray how they speak to me without words. The vitality and energy within the forest is life giving. I want to bring to life what adds to life.



Biographical Sketch

Kate Thayer has always been an artist. From intricately designed clothing knitted from exotic yarns from around the world, to culinary artistry, to garden design, and finally to painting with pastel and oils.  They have all had the same aim:  to create sensory and spiritual experiences that are personal, provocative, and life-enriching.

The museums and art galleries have been her education. She is a continuing student of the present and past masters.

She is an accomplished and widely recognized painter. Her work has been juried and awarded in international, national, and local exhibitions.  She is recognized for her exquisite voice in her paintings.



Pastel Society of American - Associate Member
Appalachian Pastel Society - Signature Member
American Women Artists - Associate Member
American Impressionist Society
Southeastern Pastel Society - Member of Excedellence
Degas Pastel Society - Active Member