"He is the true enchanter
whose spell operates, not
upon the senses, but upon
the imagination and the heart."

Washington Irving

Artist Statement

As an artist, my aim has always been that of attempting to kindle in the viewer the same kind of emotional exhilaration that I experience when I am seduced by a scene that asks to be brought to life in pastel or oils. It is my passion to bring my skills and years of study to my personal interpretation of the beauty and mysteries of nature to those who encounter my paintings.

Art is our way of enhancing our lives. Art takes us places where we can only go if we abandon ourselves to it. There is always a kind of spiritual dimension in life. It is best captured and perpetuated in art – especially in painting and its twin, poetry.

I think of my paintings as poems – wordless encounters with the often stunning voices of nature – of its colors and forms – which we rarely notice. It is my aim to bring to you, the viewer, what you may not have noticed in this busy world of ours: a time to stop and breathe in through our eyes the sweet and compelling voices of nature – to raise our spirits to a higher level of being.

Art lives. We just have to dance with it, open ourselves to it, and live better lives for having done so. The fabulousness of nature surrounds us. In my work, I ask you to surround it. My art needs your silent contemplation.


Biographical sketch

Kate Thayer, Artist Kate Thayer has always been an artist. From intricately designed clothing knitted from exotic yarns from around the world, to culinary artistry, to garden design, and finally to painting with pastels. They have all had the same aim: to create sensory and spiritual experiences that are personal, provocative, and life-enriching.

A Wisconsinite, she has degrees from Marquette University and University of Wisconsin, with considerable post-graduate education. Since then, her "classroom” has been the major galleries and museums around the globe.

She is an accomplished and widely-recognized pastelist. Her work has been juried and awarded in international, national, and local exhibitions. She is a learner, forever pushing the boundaries of her art. Her work has been in one person and group shows in many of the galleries in the Southeast. A long-time student of master painters, she is recognized for her own exquisite voice in her paintings.